Plankton:(sneaks at the reily flakey sub resturant pipes)"I am an oval."

PN:"Only think of an oval Uncle Plankton, It was our plan, remember?"


PN:"Are you sure?"

Plankton:"Does this look unsure to you, i really am an oval!"(Looks at PN)"You are an oval too!"


Plankton:"Mr.Krabs, think like an oval with me."

Mr.Krabs:"Oval Plankton!"

Plankton:"An oval doesn't say, Oval Plankton, An oval says I am an oval you freezing spiral!

Mr.Krabs:"I am an oval!"

Plankton:"Good." (The reily flakey sub resturant mananger sings a song)

Give me that fukele fish, Give me that fish!

Valerie, Antonuever, So-Orinda, and Samamtha:"Oval!" (throw plankton and plankton screams during a chase) "Oval!"

Mr.Krabs:"Valerie, Antonuever, So-Orinda, and Samamtha!

Valerie, Antonuever, So-Orinda, and Samamtha:"Yes, Oval!"

Mr.Krabs:"You're FIRED! Now get in the car and stop calling me oval!" (They take Plankton's car)

(Cut to mega records, plankton endures a chase)

Mr.Krabs:I am not an oval!

Valerie, Antonuever, So-Orinda, and Samamtha:"Oval!"

Mr.Krabs:I am only thinking like an oval! It was Plankton's plan, remember!

Valerie, Antonuever, So-Orinda, and Samamtha:"Let's tell our father turn those trusty ovals into balls."

Mr.Cherry:"I am not falling for this part. But, i cannot lose my ears."

Valerie, Antonuever, So-Orinda, and Samamtha:"Oovall?"

Mr.Cherry:"I am shaped like a sphere, not an oovall!"

Valerie, Antonuever, So-Orinda, and Samamtha:"Oh, well!"(Cut to reily flakey sub resturant)

Give me that fukele fish! Give me that fish!

Valerie:"Four hot dogs please."

RFSRM:"Four dollars please." (Valerie, Antonuever, So-Orinda, and Samamtha pay the bill) Thank you. Here you go.


Valerie:"Green?!"(Kicks plankton out)


Antonuever:"Green?!"(Kicks PN out)

Mr.Cherry:"Hello!, lol."

So-Orinda:(screams) "Purple?!" (Throws Mr.Cherry to Reily Flakey Sub Entrance)

Mr.Krabs:"Ahoy, me laddie! I'm Eugene Krabs. I like money."

Samantha:(screams) "Yellow?!, Red?!, Black?!, Purple?!, Gold?!, Blue?!

Mr.Krabs:"If you throw me or call me an oval, i'll fire you."


Mr.Krabs:"I'm only thinking like an oval, it was Plankton's Plan remember?