Plankton:Come on, friends! (They get in the Planktonmobile Weapon)

(Cut to RFS to show)

Valerie:Aah. A nice peaceful day in RFS and charms at RFS.

Plankton:Attention, Reily Flakey Sub Managers!


Plankton:I have the whole place surrounded! Give me everything you have or I will destroy the whole place!

So-Orinda:You and what are us, oval?

Plankton:Look around you, dog! (Showing that Planktonmobile weapons are all around Valerie, Antonuever, So-Orinda, and Samamtha)

Antonuever:Your ovalish always wrong cruel oval machines?

Plankton:Oval Machines? (laughter)

Valerie, Antonuever, So-Orinda, and Samamtha:Uh oh! We better scram! (Plankton laughs and hits the area the dolls go with bombs) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Mr.Cherry:You're going down, Oversized Elementary School! (Hits the school with a big bomb)

Announcer:3, 2, 1, Explode! (The RFS Elementary School Pops) (Plankton laughs and throws many bombs in RFS while the Reily Flakey Sub Entrance sign turns into a Puppet Fiot sign)

Valerie, Antonuever, So-Orinda, and Samamtha:Look what you've done! (they cry and sob and wail and make a puddle with their tears soaking Plankton and friends from the wall that links to Puppet Fiot and Mega Town while Mr.Cherry flash to the Puppet Fiot)

Mr.Cherry:Puppies, this infernal crying has to stop!

Valerie, Antonuever, So-Orinda, and Samamtha:But, you wreaked the whole town with bombs and---

Mr.Cherry:No buts. (The dolls try to speak, they say "But-") I SAID NO BUTS! (he pants, the dolls hold their tears) WHAT DO YOU WANT, AN IFEKEK FISH?

Valerie, Antonuever, So-Orinda, and Samamtha:(stifled)You pierced my ears! (they wail harder and harder soaking Mr.Cherry with tears)

Mr.Cherry:The best part is... (transforms to a krabby patty and talks gibberish)