(Start outside the Mega Records)

Plankton:"Gee, What a beautiful day. I hope the four dogs celebrate lame birthdays."

PN:"Yeah, Plankton. The four dogs are making a suprise."

Mr.Cherry:"A suprise? Let's see. Where's Mr.Krabs?"

Plankton:"He is in Mega Castle with Squidward."

Mr.Cherry:"Let's Go." (Mr.Cherry takes the two hearthole bucket car. Cut to it.)

Valerie:"I'm going to throw a big big big big big birthday party for four, or ten, or 100, or 1,000!"

So-Orinda:"Will there be cake?"



Template:Dolls:"Pretty patties! for $19.99!"

Mr.Krabs:"Agagagagagag! Mr.Squidward! Come look! Don't that look appetizing?"

Mr.Squidward:"Mm hm. good, sir!"

Mr.Krabs talking and Squidward laughing:"Agagagagagagag!"

Mr.Krabs:"Wait, give me an orange patty with extra purple!" (Squidward laughing) "Wait, what's next? Seaweed milkshakes?"

Mr.Squidward:"Bowtie french-fries?"

Valerie, Antonuever, So-Orinda, and Samamtha crying:"Noo." <smiley>

The song "Pretty Patties" was sang by Mr.Squidward while Mr.Krabs laughs:

"Pretty patties, Pretty patties, minibble are fat!

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday"

Mr.Krabs:"Good planning, Mr.Squidward! Agagagagagagag!"