Loop de Loop sang by Martin OlsonEdit

Put meat into logs, push it. No, let me pull in.
Put meat into logs, push it. No, let me pull in.
Look in the air when there is a sim!
What's a zuko? Sweet enough eh? As we were whooping him in the pool!
I'm his friend at no worrying!
Ooooooh hater logs, push it! No, wet willy, pull him, anchor run and wortburger.
and she may seem a bit aggy(?) with little logs.
As though, we should be grand and ran and honest, because we can eat rib steak.
We should ask Aunt Ner for her lawn.

Campfire Song Song sang by SpongeBob and PatrickEdit

Arrrggghh!!! YEAAA!!!
Ohhhh When U Touch My Big Buuutttttt!!!!
 Hold it, Yeaaaa!!! Hold it,
Dude!! go on go on go gimme some..... !!!NOS!!!
There's No Sausage Here Wat r u Miss i s i s
i want a frekle but it's not happening
Even if I Hang on it ain't Working ohh i wish there was an eye ate a b
Mooooobb Mooooobb Mooooobb
Ohhhh Patrickkk Do Me a Favour Eat A Crayon and then head bang with the louie
No u see Nava eat choc on easter Master Help Mee and eva eat a ceraaal killer
and come To Muh

Goofy Goober ROCK!!! sang by SpongeBob and PlanktonEdit