This is Plankton's second playthough!

Part 1:Ten Thousand Dollars!Edit

Plankton:"Hi, everybody! And welcome to my second playthrough which is Diamond! I'm going to a better start for Diamond instead of the Leaf Green. This first video will show you the very beginning of the game, and the very start of my adventure! Enjoy!"

Hello There! It's so very nice to meet you! Welcome to the world of Pokemon!

My Name is Rowan. However, everyone just calls me the Pokemon Professor.

Before I go any further, Is this your first adventure?


If you need advice, I'm certainly capable of giving it.

Plankton:"Nah, No info." (Chooses no info needed)

This world is widely inhabited by creatures known as Pokemon.

Here. I have a Poke Ball.

Touch the button on the middle of the Poke Ball if you'd please.

(A Muchlax Pops Out)

Part 13:Eterna City GymEdit

Hi, and this is my diamond playthrough part 13, This is the team i used to fight the second gym leader, Gardenia. I'm only using the two strong pokemon, Plankton and Robo-2928 because Gardenia is a piece of cake. And Grass-type pokemon is weak to Fire-type moves.

All right, let's take down that Gardenia Guy! The second gym leader! I'm only going to use the two strong pokemon like i said.