Family TreeEdit

King Lincoln



         |                           |

 Unknown Lincoln-Unknown Lincoln Princess Tulsa


          Ben Lincoln

 Aore Lincoln


           Thomas Lincoln-Nancy Lincoln
 Abe Lincoln-Mary Todd
                      |                 |              |            |

           Rob Lincoln-Mary Torton Ed B. Lincoln Bill W. Lincoln Tad Lincoln

Stats Edit

  • Abe Lincoln (1809-1865)-First republican president of the u.s.. (1861-1865)
  • Tom Lincoln (1772-1836)-Abe Lincoln's father and Rob, Ed, Bill, and Tad's grandpa.
  • Nancy Lincoln (1777-1845)-Abe Lincoln's mother and Rob, Ed, Bill, and Tad's grandmother.
  • Aore Lincoln (1759-1820)-Father of Thomas Lincoln, Grandfather of president Abe Lincoln.
  • Ben Lincoln (1733-1810)-Father of Aore Lincoln, Grandson of King Lincoln.
  • King Lincoln (1675-1734)-Grandfather of Ben Lincoln.
  • Mary Todd (1818-1882)-Abe Lincoln's wife. They got married 1842.
  • Princess Tulsa Lincoln (1700-1786)-King Lincoln's daughter.
  • Rob Lincoln (1843-1926)-One of Abe Lincoln's four sons. He died at the age of 82.
  • Ed B. Lincoln (1846-1850)-Son of A&M. He died at 3 years old.
  • Bill W. Lincoln (1849-1862)-He died in 1862.
  • Tad Lincoln (1853-1871)-He was a nice orchestra player.
  • Mary Torton Lincoln (1852-1939)-Wife of Rob Lincoln