December 5, 2009Edit


Colors (5.12.2009)

There are 140 names of each color.

October 31, 2009Edit


Thomas Jefferson 1801-1809 (31.10.2009)

Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd president. (1801-1809)

September 1, 2009Edit

Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive (1.9.2009)

Mulhooland Drive is located in Portland, Oregon.

August 10, 2009Edit

300px-Greasy Buffoons

Greasy Buffoons Title Card (10.8.2009)

Greasy Buffoons is a Season 7 episode.

August 3, 2009Edit


Perch Perkins (3.8.2009)

Perch Perkins first appeared in Ripped Pants.

July 27, 2009Edit

300px-Walking Small

Walking Small Card (27.7.2009)

Walking Small is a Season 1 episode.

July 20, 2009Edit


Doing The Sponge (20.7.2009)

The Chaperone is a Season 1 episode, The Chaperone was only seen in The Chaperone, and Sandy Cheeks watches the prom.

July 13, 2009Edit


SpongeBob and Plankton Having FUN! (13.7.2009)

SpongeBob and Plankton are having F.U.N. at a Season 1 episode.